One dollar in the basket…

“…I also believe in God.  Yes, the God that is in the Bible and in heaven and in my heart.  I also believe in trees, but no tree was ever described in such masterful detail as God is in the Bible.  God made trees!  It says so in the Bible.  God made people and people make groups, light fixtures, and door knobs.  That is also explained in the Bible…”

I have been asked to author a book and haven’t been able to blog lately, but here is an excerpt from the draft:

…we spend more money on tennis shoes in this country than we do on recovery.  We put one dollar in the basket at an AA meeting while wearing $100 Nike shoes.  We have probably worn those shoes in the hospital detox or rehab facility.  I know that I have.  The brand Nike alone in 2017 was worth 29.6 Billion – that’s just for the name!  Annual revenue for the company exceeds 34.4 Billion

The annual revenue for all U.S. treatment centers was around 25.6 billion

…what is one person’s voice, opinion or even conveyance of facts worth?

One U.S. apparel company: $34 billion.

14, 500+ U.S. addiction facilities: $26 billion.

Churches in the U.S. rack in 1.2 trillion.  If that doesn’t scream that people are searching for a higher power, God or spirituality, I’m not sure what does.  “This number is more than the combined revenue of the top 10 technology companies in the country, including Apple, Amazon, and Google.”…

“If you’d like to spend your time in dispute, arguing, or resenting the info – feel free to do so if it helps you.  My guess is that it won’t do much except entertain the Devil and grieve the Holy Spirit (which I also believe in).”

Just something to chew on!  Have a great Monday!

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