Morning Bible Studies 1/21/18

Topic: Meat and potatoes…

We are going to buy this church!  Not figuratively, not wishful thinking, and not by financing – literally.  It has an address and it is not a “pipe dream”. We have the vision and the means, so we are going to step out in faith. Yep, you’ve read that correctly!  Meat.

That picture is our hope.  Sound strange?  Well, we wanted to base our bible study this morning on hope.  During the previous week, we focused our topics on the ever-changing struggles that we are facing.  The tools and instruction that we apply to each struggle we find in the Bible and we like to pass them along to you, in order to help. So this morning (and for the following Sundays) we are going to entertain hope.

We did this in a tangible, realistic and faith-based way.  We wanted this Sunday’s bible study to be positive and encouraging and any other adjective you can imagine that would create a spark!  We had many smiles on our faces this morning when we talked about this picture.

unnamed (1)


We “get through” our days around here, with some, but little hope.  Yes, of course, we try to look forward to something – such as one day last week, we made the decision that after work,  we would shut the phones off, put our pajamas on, grab some blankets and watch a movie.  We did that.  We watched “August Rush”.  Great movie, great decision and it was enjoyable for two hours.  We also look forward to going to church and during busy times, we live stream sermons in our living room.  But those little things that get us through our day and therefore weeks, are what I call potatoes.  Kind of correlative to making a roast and leaving out the meat – still edible, however missing something. We can do more.

Personally, during my week (and some of the Bible studies), I have thought about what I have been writing on this blog site.  I love my mission and will stay true to it.  I pray about it often each day.

If I’ve got your attention thus far (thanks), this is where it may get a little boring, but hang in there!

This brings me to a few things I have noticed and learned and we talked about these three words this morning in our Bible study (including reading scriptures related to them) and we discovered their definitions.  While doing so, we came to an interesting fact.  Each of these three words is being used less and less in our day-to-day (current society) vocabulary.  Why is this?  The bible hasn’t changed!  Please click on each word and it will link you to a graph that shows the frequency/usage of each word (on a timeline).  I believe that people are drifting away from spirituality and the Bible itself.




I also found it interesting that people donate to some strange causes.  While learning how to blog, I found a website that individuals can use to promote anything (yes, anything) and it has a “button” you can click on and donate to a particular cause.  In one instance, an individual asks for donations to “Help fund my writing and my daily cups of coffee – I really need that”.  True story!  Amazingly, this fund receives hundreds of dollars each month!  Very clever I think, and I at times am guilty of donating to bizarre reasons.  I would flip the person a dollar for a coffee – just because I might believe – good for you for being so bold.  I have definitely spent my money on much worse things.  We currently don’t need donations and will buy the church ourselves, but looking forward, if we ever need a “button”, I can promise you that it won’t be for coffee.

Reading through another blog, I discovered tips on finding the right church.  His tip:

Tip 5: Look For The Gospel, Clearly And Articulately Delivered.

We are going to buy that building in the picture and if God’s plan is for us to use it as a church, that “tip” will be our mission.  Keeping things simple, the Apostle Paul has already given us step by step directions – no need to figure out “the space shuttle launch codes”.  It is unnecessary to create a doctrine that promotes personal authority.  Paul was instructed by the best and shared it – it’s already been done for us.

At a minimum, we will own a building.  A building that was built in the 1800’s – when the words “Faith, Mercy, and Righteousness” were being used frequently.  A building that could host many people looking for the Gospel clearly and accurately delivered.  Hope.

Have a great Sunday and as always, comments are very welcome.

Todays Bible verse to “chew on”:


Romans 5:2-5

through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And we boast in the hope of the glory of God. Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.And hope does not put us to shame because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.


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